Welding penetration

Welding Penetration Tester

After the metal sheets are welded together, the strength of the welds must be checked to ensure the integrity of the final products. Welds must have sufficient throat thickness (distance from the center of the weld face to the bottom) to meet the power requirements. Whether you are inspecting the welds of large steel sheets, such as those used in the manufacture of shipping vessels, or small parts that require magnification using a microscope, the general rule is that the neck of a weld should be the same thickness as the main material.

OpticMeasure-KP Solution
The OpticMeasure-KP microscopic image analyzer allows even first-time users to measure the weld throat thickness with the same ease as common manual measurement, but provides the advantage of embedding measurement results directly into the image for enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities. The OpticMeasure-KP device allows you to make minor adjustments to the measured points. Customised customer requirements are also supported.

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